Chairman Michael J. McDonald

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Chairman Michael J. McDonald is the longest serving Nevada Republican Party Chairman in history and one of the longest serving state Republican Party Chairmen in the country. 

McDonald, who took office in 2012, was elected while the Nevada Republican Party was in the midst of one of its most chaotic times. After a disastrous caucus the organization was synonymous with dysfunction, it lacked resources, and was rudderless heading into a presidential election cycle. 

Just two years later, McDonald led the Party to historic victories as Republicans re-elected Governor Brian Sandoval, swept every constitutional statewide office, captured three of the state’s four congressional seats, elected a State Senate majority, and installed the first majority in the Nevada Assembly in 30 years. 

Fresh off his historic victories in 2014, Chairman McDonald became a close advisor to Donald J. Trump and his 2016 campaign for President. Trump narrowly lost Nevada by 2 percent, but greatly outperformed John McCain and Mitt Romney who lost by 12 percent and 7 percent respectively. 

McDonald maintains his close ties with President Trump as a trusted advisor and ally. Because of their relationship, McDonald was able to secure the earliest investment the Republican National Committee has ever made in Nevada for the 2018 cycle. 

The Chairman assembled the largest staff in Nevada Republican Party history and their historic grassroots efforts led the most voter contacts the state has ever seen. They knocked on over 1.7 million doors, called 1.1 million Nevadans, trained o ver 2,000 RLI Fellows / Neighborhood Team Leaders and cut the voter registration deficit with the Democrats by 15 percent. 

Additionally, McDonald raised the most money ever by the Nevada Republican Party in 2018, which allowed him to begin building for the 2020 cycle immediately. 

Chairman McDonald began hiring more staff in 2019, an off year, than ever before. He continues to chart new territory for the organization by raising money and investing early in the upcoming election cycle. 

And Nevada continues to benefit from his relationship with President Trump as the Trump campaign has already begun employing staff in the state. 

Michael J. McDonald is a native Las Vegan. He served his community on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He was the youngest person to ever be elected to the Las Vegas City Council where he also served as the Mayor Pro Tem and the chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. 




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President Donald J. Trump 

Brad Parscale - 2020 Presidential Campaign Manager 

Former 2016 Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski 

Former 2016 Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump, David Bossie

Congressman Mark Amodei 

Senator James Settelmeyer 

Senator Pete Goicoechea 

Senator Ira Hansen 

Senator Joe Hardy 

Senator Keith Pickard

Assemblywoman Robin Titus 

Assemblyman John Ellison 

Assemblyman Greg Hafen II

Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen

Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy 

Assemblyman Glen Leavitt

Assemblyman Tom Roberts 

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler 

RNC National Committeewoman & LV Mayor Pro Tempore Michele Fiore 

LV City Councilman Stavros Anthony 

LV City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman 

Nevada Chairwoman  of the Israeli-American Civic Action Committee  & City of Las Vegas Planning Commissioner, Sigal Chattah

Bob Sweetin, Mesquite City Council Attorney

Carson City Republican Women

Former US Senator Dean Heller

Former Congressman Cresent Hardy 

Former Governor Robert List 

Former Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki

Former Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson 

Former Attorney General Adam Laxalt 

Former NV Treasurer Dan Schwartz

Former NV State Senator & NVGOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden 

Former RNC Committeewoman Diana Orrock

Former Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury

Former Clark County Vice Chairman Mike Radza

Immediate Past Former Clark County Secretary Kathy Njus 

Former North Las Vegas  Mayor Mike Montandon

Tisha Black (Former County Commissioner Candidate)  

CCRP Trustee Christopher William Hisgen
Laura Bridwell, Douglas County

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CCRW Endorsement

The Carson City Republican Women Executive Board are proud to endorse Michael J. McDonald for fifth full term as Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party.  Chairman McDonald has in the last 3 years done a remarkable job by turning Nevada into a financially independent year-round machine that has become one of the premier state parties in the nation.

Chairman, we are grateful for your tireless efforts to unite and empower Republicans across Nevada.  We look forward to working with you and your entire team to give President Trump four more years and elect more Republicans down the ballot.

President, Angela LoGiurato

1stVice President, Sheri Le Tourneau

2ndVice President, Janice Baldwin

Recording Secretary, Suzie Weissman

Treasurer, Pat Wentworth



The Nevada Republican Party is one of the few state parties in the country to employ staff year-round and between election cycles.  While other states rebuild from scratch every campaign season, we have had full-time year-round staff since 2015. That has allowed us to have staff on the ground at the Nevada Legislature in 2017 and 2019, and to do the work of identifying and registering voters while other states are just trying to hire staff. We're already working the 2020 election, registering voters, training candidates, hiring additional staff and moving forward to retain the White House and take back badly needed seats in our Nevada legislature. 

During the last cycle we knocked over 1.7 million doors statewide and made 1.1 million phone calls. 

Between the 2016 and 2018 elections, the party added 34,390 active Republican voters in Nevada, and reduced the Democrat registration advantage by over 15% statewide. 

We've created a grassroots recurring donor program, and that has resulted in more money raised from small donors during this last legislative session than the Party ever has. For the first part of this year alone, the Nevada Republican Party has raised an average of $43 from nearly 2,000 grassroots donors.

The Chairman's friendship with President Trump allowed the current leadership team to host two of the most lucrative fundraisers for the Nevada Republican Party in history. 

The NVGOP has never incurred debt during our tenure, and because of our fiscal management, the Nevada GOP began employing year-round staff for the first time beginning in 2015. We're already working the 2020 election, registering voters, training candidates, hiring additional staff and moving forward to retain the White House and take back badly needed seats in our Nevada legislature. 

Because of the Party’s strong financial position and sustaining field operation, I was able to introduce a program - the Battle Born Candidates Program - to allocate resources to help recruit and train qualified legislative candidates. With this program, for the first time ever, our candidates can qualify for critical resources to get them across the finish line.


When I first ran for Chairman, the Nevada Republican Party was broke, rudderless, and largely an afterthought. I am proud of what we’ve done together since. We’ve never incurred debt, raised more than $5 million last cycle, cut the voter registration deficit by 30 percent since I’ve been Chairman, and are now one of the few parties in the country with year-round staff.

This year, we’ve taken an even bigger step to turn our organization into a machine. Here’s what we’ve been up to in 2019:

· Developed our first small donor program, raising an average of $37 per contribution from more than 2,000 grassroots donors. We have raised more per month than the California Republican Party, which has a $30 million budget!

· 47% of our direct mail contributors in 2019 are first time donors.

· 21% of our online contributors in 2019 are first time donors.

· We’ve added over 5,000 new emails in the last month, and over 8,000 addresses to our direct mail donor file since March.

· Launched our first ever television ad in an off year. Watch it here! 

· Launched our first ever digital advertisements during a legislative session. Read about our ads tying

Democrats to fellow members forced to resign due to scandal hereand here

Read about our ad attacking the Senate Majority Leader for her cuts to school safety here.  

· Launched our first ever online store to buy in-house designed merchandise. Get your Greenland or Space Force t-shirts today here! 

· We put on the first candidate training schools for the Party in decades. Over 200 Nevada Republicans interested in running for office have attended our trainings in Las Vegas, Sparks, and Carson City.   

· We unveiled the Battle Born Candidates Program, which will allow us to make our first ever direct contributions to our legislative candidates. 

We’ve accomplished a lot. It is exciting to finally have a state party that is the envy of the nation. 

But there’s more we can do. Let’s get stronger.